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  • Orphan Sponsorship
    Do not forget the orphans of the Ummah. They need us...
  • Orphan Village 1
    The first and the biggest of the orphan villages. Participate the life of the orphans...
  • Orphan Village 1
    Orphan Village-1 together with peripheral small villages hosts 64 orphan families...
  • Kuwait Al Khayr
    Pre-fabricated orphan village project containing 36 families
  • Kuwait Al Khayr
    Kuwait Al Khayr project consists of 2 orphan villages... Orphan Village 4 and 5
  • House of Hommoud
    The last completed village project containing 40 orphan fimilies

Welcome to I.H.C.R.O. | International Human Care & Relief Organization


Emergency Shelter Village Construction
With the cooperation of IHCRO and One Solid Ummah, a mini emergency shelter village will be built in Atmah-SYRIA insaAllah, so as to take care of the...
Orphan Sponsorship
Orphans are the very needy ones in the Syria. By the donations of you, thousands of children have been sponsored so far. One Solid Unnah and IHCRO...
Orphan Villages
There are six completed orphan villages that OSU and IHCRO are taking care of. This campaign is aiming to meet the sustainment cost of these orphan...

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