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Saud Faisal Al-Musallam’s Medical Clinic

Es selamu alaikum,

Medical center is one of the primary needs of the Syrian Muslims in Idlib. According to estimates more than three million people are living in Idlib and there are a lot of internal refugees who has came from all around the Syria. On the one hand, rapidly growing needy population and on the other hand destruction or being damaged of many hospitals by brutal Syrian Regime and Russia, necessity of the people to a medical center has increased substantially. The necessity of a medical center is immense especially for children and women.

Within the scope of this project, insaAllah following buildings will be constructed in the village:

  • 1 Office of admission
  • 1 Pharmacy room
  • 1 Short stay room for children
  • 1 Short stay room for women
  • 1 Clinic
  • 3 Short stay unit
  • 2 Administrative room
  • 1 Waiting room
  • 1 Rest room
  • 1 Childbirth room
  • 1 Radiology room
  • 1 Toilet

The project is 2 storey building

Project plan: