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Orphan Sponsorship Campaign


Syrians are facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the recent times. They have no protection at all and vicious crimes of Syrian Regime against them is a daily routine out there. The world had already gave up to mourn or at least to feel sorrow for Syrians. Death tolls are only statistical numbers and in fact 50-60 deaths for a day don't surprise people any more. 

Undoubtedly, childrens are the most victimized ones of the atrocities took place in Syria. Many children have been killed so far ferociously by the most fatal bombs and many of them as well fleed from there to the relatively secure regions without his/her father or maybe any parent. According to UNICEF estimates, as many as one million children have been orphaned so far in Syria. This is such a huge number that even some countries have this much population. We, as a Muslim Ummah, are tremendously responsible for taking care of them. Since, they are the children of our brothers and sisters and they are the "amanah" of Allah (swt). As for non-muslims, this is still a liability for you to feel sympathy them for just being a human. 

With the cooperation of One Solid Ummah(OSU) and IHCRO, the Orphan Sponsorship campaign has started again. Orphan sponsorship is one of the core relief activities of OSU and IHCRO. The sustainment in this service has a dire importance, since those orphans are completely dependent and they cannot survive without support of others.

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