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Our vision

We are a great Ummah. There's more than a billion member from maghreb (west) to east (mashriq). As Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) has said, "The believers are only brothers". We are testifying a period of time so that our muslim brothers and sisters around the world are suffering. Cruelty and injustice have spread to all sides of the ummah, and sadness has become a part of our life.

We, a group of young friends whom feeling the pain of the ummah in their heart, came together in Istanbul which is the ancient capital of the caliphate to alleviate this pain. We intend to be beneficial to Muslims in proportion to our abilities and resources. Our success is not but through Allah...

Our values

Giving the job its due: We strive to be the best while working and try to make the competent people to do the job we need. Evaluating our resources in the best way possible is what we seek for most.

We take the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) as an example. At this point, let's share a hadith:

Ibrahim son of Rasulullah(s.a.w) had passed away. The grave was prepared. The Prophet (s.a.w) saw a hole in the grave. He cautioned the man digging the grave and ordered him to close it. The grave-digger said, "O Messenger of Allah! This hole neither gives the dead a benefit, nor a harm". Prophet(s.a.w) said to him: "Yes, this gives the dead neither a benefit nor a harm; but it damages the eyes of the alive, disturbs him! God wants you to make perfect when you do a job. "

Transparency: We are trying to share the all the stages of our work with you. As far as the possibilities of social media, we publish them in various channels like facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. We bring the smiles of needies to you while delivering your aids to them.

We summarize our activities with our annual reports and inform the public.

Confidence: The key point of assistance efforts is that siblings who undertake assistance work are trustworthy. We take refuge in Allah (c.c) to embarrass us against our brothers and sisters who entrust us with love and love. We will always try to be more careful and attentive to gain the trust of you. You can control us everywhere, you can tell us our shortcomings.

Equity: We are thinking over the necessity our projects before we begin to it and gathering information from the sources on the ground, consulting with our well-behaved local brothers and sisters. In areas where we want to help, we are trying to identify which people are the most needy people. In short, we are looking for justice and equity in helping out.

We know that our energy, our money and our time are limited, but we keep our hearts and intentions wide ...