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Servet Yüztaş
Deputy Manager

Our Chairman Servet Yüztaş is a graduate of Istanbul University, Department of Art History. Also, he is currently continuing her undergraduate studies in Sociology at Anadolu University. Servet, who is married and father of two children, undertook various duties at Fajr Youth Association before being selected president. Mr. Servet is an active brother who loves to deal with young Muslims and carries out various studies for their upbringing. He is also a social activist who has worked in many Islamic studies so far. At that point in the association administration, he aims to bring out his previous administrative experience which he has got over the years and to increase the studies/projects aiming to the youth.

Musab Turkmen
Human Resource Manager

Musab grew up in central districts of Fatih, Istanbul and has extensive experience working with a number of relief organizations and foundations in addition to his involvement and experience with local grassroots movements. He has been working in the charity field for the past five years.

As human resource manager of IHCRO, he performs recruiting, organizational planning, organization development, employee relations, company employee and community communication, compensation and benefits administration, employee services and counseling.


Abdullateef Khaled
Project Manager

Abdullateef is a Kuwaiti national, who spent his early childhood years in Kuwait, UK and Jordan, after which he completed preliminary education in the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from GUST University (affiliated with University of Missouri) in Kuwait.

He went on to serve as an Educational supervisor, heading youth clubs, teaching and counselling hundreds of youth. Additionally he is a proficient writer and translator who uses his skills to contribute to the better good of society. He also currently serves as the deputy manager of his family’s construction and trading business.

Mr Khaled has been involved in aid and relief work since 2012 and has successfully founded and run several orphan projects ever since. As IHCRO’s project manager he is responsible for the planning, management, coordination and financial control of our projects.

Harun Büyükçolak
Information Technology Project Manager

After graduated from Bilkent University Industrial Engineering (Complete Scholarship), Harun started his career in Turk Telekom. He worked in IT Governance department as a project engineer and involved in various technology projects like “Fatih Project (Technological Evolution of State Schools in Turkey)”. Beside of this role, he assisted CTO in setting up and experiencing up-to-date technologies. After one year of Turk Telecom experience he passed to Undersecretariat of Defense Industries as a Project Specialist and participated in couple of fixed-wing acquisition and modernization projects. After a year of experience in Undersecretariat of Defense Industry, he went to Turkish Airlines as an information technology specialist. He had worked nearly four years in Turkish Airlines in various IT positions and projects. One of the most prominent of these projects is WEB 3.0 project, which is new generation website project. He involved in this projects as a business analyst and participated in couple of major business processes like ticket reissuing, reservation display and customization/personalization modules. After the successful deployment of Web 3.0 project, he participated in communication and data transmission and IT inventory management projects for a while.

Harun is keen on following the up-to-date technologies and systems. He has experienced various information technology fields like communication and networking, business analysis, website design, IT project management, business process development and etc. He has a detailed knowledge in corporate company IT processes as well. 

Mohammed Barakat
Operational Field Specialist

Mohammed is a Syrian citizen who holds a Bachelor of Arts in English language from the University of Aleppo. He is a qualified teacher having served as an English teacher in a number of schools in Idlib, Syria. He has taken and continues to take a very active and central role in community work. Ever since the start of the humanitarian crisis in Syria he has committed himself to humanitarian projects and has gained much experience in aid work specialising in logistics and purchasing.

As one of the operational field workers of IHCRO he is a part of the field operations team responsible for organising relief distribution, assessing emergency situations, budget management as well implementing, overseeing and ensuring strict adherence with the organization’s policies and regulations.

Mohammed is dedicated, hardworking, and an enthusiastic person with much passion for humanitarian work and has taken great responsibility in running the daily affairs involved in relief work.

Muaz Türkmen
Media Specialist

Muaz has served as an aid worker and a member of media teams in other reputable organizations and has extensive on the ground experience with relief organization in a vast number of countries including Sudan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Uganda, Syria and Iraq amongst others. He is a skillful cameraman by profession.

As the head of media he is in charge of media strategy development, management and ensuring effective media communications.

Ulukan Acar
Project Specialist

Ulukan Acar, who is continuing his education of food science and engineering in Sabahattin Zaim University, has worked in various positions of different charity organizations as a volunteer since 2010 and is still continuing his duties. He is experienced in administration of charity organizations. Within the scope of his supervising duty towards university students, he is performing consultancy practices. Alongside of this studies, he is responsible of coordinating activities of various youth groups. 

As one of the young staff of the IHCRO, Ulukan is performing accounting activities and office works. He is also responsible of performing internal purchasing, constitution and organization of youth volunteer teams. Ulukan is an enthusiastic staff who is also well-organizer and tight chaser of his work.